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Welcome To FIFA 2000 Online
FIFA 2000 Online is the internet's most complete resource for EA Sports' FIFA 2000.

Our extensive array of FIFA 2000 information includes a wide collection of downloads, cheats, screenshots plus much, much more.

If you wish to discuss FIFA 2000, please be sure to pay a visit to the popular Soccer Gaming Forums.

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Make Sure You Try These
We have selected a variety of FIFA 2000 related features and downloads that we highly recommend.

1. FIFA 2000 Cheats

EA went all out in 2000 to create an hilarious set of cheats for FIFA 2000. From glowing players to UFO abductions you just have to pay a trip to our cheats section and give them a go.

2. FEd2000

Make sure you grab your copy of the ultimate FIFA 2000 editor here. A must have for any serious FIFA 2000 user.

3. Sweetpatch MRA

The top utility for importing patches in FIFA 2000.

4. News Archive

Over 14 months of daily news updates on everything related to FIFA 2000. An incredible resource of information.

5. Official EA Sports Speech Patch

Updates the US version of FIFA 2000 to have the traditional UK based commentators. Highly recommended.

6. Soccer Gaming Downloads Centre

Several thousand downloadable files for all of the top soccer video games.

6. FIFA 2000 Demo

A free downloadable version of the game allowing you to play a 2 minute game between MLS teams; LA Galaxy and DC United.

That's Not All Folks
Enjoy exploring the rest of the site and make sure you check our latest FIFA fan site, FIFA 2001 Online.

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